Unique Blogger Award

I am so grateful to have been nominated for the Unique Blogger award by Mackenzie over at Life with an Illness. She has an awesome blog where she writes about her experiences with chronic illnesses. Check it out for some positive vibes and helpful tips!

Here are the “rules”:

  • Share the link of the blogger who has shown love to you by nominating you.
  • Answer their 3 questions.
  • In the spirit of sharing love and solidarity with our blogging family, nominate however many people for the same award.
  • Ask them 3 questions.


Like I said earlier for the Real Neat Blog award, I love these awards for their ability to connect us bloggers and help us get to know each other better. So here are my responses to Mackenzie’s questions!

  1. What makes you happy? (Is it a person, a hobby, or food?)

It would definitely have to be a person that truly makes me happy. At the risk of sounding super cheesy and a hopeless romantic, that person is my husband. However, my hobbies (reading, writing, painting) come in a close second.

  1. What is one goal you want to accomplish?

I have actually been giving this topic a lot of thought lately. It seems too simple to say that I am looking for a fulfilling career for myself in the long run (though I am). But the truth, as usual, is a little more complicated. I’d say the one goal I’d like to accomplish would be to find my authentic self and live an authentic life. I don’t know if a goal like that can ever be truly accomplished though. Perhaps “accomplishment” in such matters is just keeping up the continuous pursuit of the goal. If so, I’d like continue the search all the life.

  1. If you could talk to your teenage self what kind of advice would you give yourself?

I lived kind of a double life as a teenager. My inner world was quiet, that of a poet; it could be interesting and colorful but oftentimes it was dark and hopeless. I struggled with clinical depression and anxiety disorder as a teenager, suicidal at certain points. To that person, I would like to say. “This too shall pass. Just stay alive; it will be worth it.”

The way I hid my dark inner world was by being angry and rebellious on the outside. I never fit any societal mold, and I was (and still am) proud of that. To that person, I say: “Be bold, live wild! Have faith that your crazy maverick attitude behind the quiet, mature mind will treat you well in the future.” Too often as elders, we try to quench the sizzling fires of the young because it seems too much for us to deal with at the time. But those fires slowly wind down with age (or in my case, illness) anyway. I would like my teenage self to know that everything she did (good and bad) got me to where I am today, so keep that fire burning!

My nominees (blogs I would love for you to check out!):

  1. Chronicles of Being Ill
  2. Sickly Stardust
  3. Shot Down in Flames
  4. The Spoonie Nurse
  5. Dunelight
  6. Bella El Hasan Art & Illustration
  7. Lavender and Levity
  8. Hypermobility Syndrome India

For my nominees who choose to participate, my 3 questions are:

  • What makes you tick?
  • If a genie could fulfill only one wish for you, what would you wish for? (Fine print: No wishing for more wishes!)
  • What’s the first thing that popped up in your head when you awoke this morning?


thats all folks_1



6 thoughts on “Unique Blogger Award

    1. Thank you Caz! 🙂 I am glad you recognize the importance of that goal in our lives as much as I do. A fibromyalgia sufferer-turned-FM/CFS researcher once told me she felt more “cured” after she started leading an authentic life. I am torn on the general applicability of that but feel that living authentically is important regardless.

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