To NOT Kill a Mockingbird

So to preface this post, I must thank my husband for a wonderful new bridge camera as a birthday present. I have always been into amateur photography and this is the coolest camera I have ever owned, so I was really excited when I got to try it out today!!

This cute little mockingbird seemed only too happy to pose.

Also found a lovely female cardinal on a tree.


Some of my tulip bulbs were also in full bloom. So even if that’s a little off topic from this bird theme, they are after all red (like the cardinal), so here they are.


Living with an unpredictable disorder can be very frustrating – a good day can quickly turn into a nasty one. It is easy to feel disappointed when you have one good day (that you don’t overtax yourself on even!) that is followed by a not-so-good day. It happened to me this morning and I spent some time chiding myself for it. After all, since when did feeling low about feeling low ever make one high? (pun intended)

On a day like this, bright little moments can make for such a wonderful respite, like a fresh cool spring breeze blowing in your hair! They remind me to see the beauty in everything that surrounds me and savor each happy moment or good feeling, no matter how few or far apart they may be. And I am truly grateful for that!



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